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ScapeLA creates landscaping designs that blend the latest technology and environmental data to suit your taste and preferences. We provide a realistic preview of your property in a computerized 3-D rendering to give you a view as close to reality as possible. We provide you with the best solutions and inviting designs to enhance your property while adding to your quality of life through landscape.

ScapeLA designs begin with understanding your personal needs and desires. We evaluate survivability of plants and trees based on botanical research in local soils and climate. Your property is enhanced with natural beauty, making it more desirable while increasing its value. We give attention to environmental impact, water management, and selections of sustainable plants to give you years of enjoyment.

In addition to great designs, we educate our clients on plant management, nutrients, and irrigation. We recognize how important your investment is and give your designs unique and personalized details. We can even meet with your gardeners to establish a routine maintenance schedule.

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We look beyond your current plantings and landscape.

We use artistic and creative approaches to give you the landscape of your dreams with an equal emphasis on budgets, personal taste, and plant survivability.